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2021 New York Rent Regulation Checklist

2021 | 958 pages | Softcover | Book + Online or Online Only

Help for NY Landlords Who Need to Know--and Understand--the Latest Laws

Modeled after the popular New York City Apartment Management Checklist, this must-have reference presents plain English explanations of the law and regulations, including:

  • Who Is Affected
  • What the Law Requires
  • How to Comply
  • Deadlines
  • Penalties for Failure to Comply
  • Forms Required
  • Relevant Text of Law

What’s New in the 2021 Edition

This edition of the Rent Regulation Checklist highlights implementation of, and challenges to, HSTPA following its enactment, and includes discussion of a number of new court and DHCR decisions that have interpreted or modified the 2019 law. This year’s edition also spotlights changes in DHCR policies and procedures added to administer the amended rent control and rent stabilization laws. Topics include:

  • Effect of Explanatory Addenda on Deregulation Orders issued by the DHCR to implement HSTPA’s repeal of high-rent/high-income deregulation, with resulting litigation 
  • Current RGB vacancy and renewal rent increases, along with the DHCR’s new centralized online individual apartment improvement (IAI) reporting system 
  • The new DHCR major capital improvement (MCI) Reasonable Cost Schedule 
  • Discussion of the ruling on rent fraud in the April 2020 decision by New York’s highest court in Regina 
  • Discussion of the ReginaCourt’s repeal of HSTPA’s retroactive provisions on statutes of limitation in rent overcharge cases, along with discussion of the Court’s affirmation of HSTPA’s choice-of-forum provisions for tenants in Collazo 
  • Amendment of the DHCR’s online annual rent registration instructions to reflect different requirements for pre- and post-HSTPA registrations 
  • Discussion of the effect of Reginaon overcharge claims for J-51 buildings 
  • And much more.

    The 2021 New York Rent Regulation Checklist will help you:

    • Protect your legally deregulated apartments from being forced back into regulation
    • Deregulate eligible apartments while reducing the risk of agency action
    • Win disputes arising from tenant overcharge complaints
    • Get maximum allowable rent increases
    • Avoid raising red flags that attract the scrutiny of the TPU, the DHCR, and other agencies enforcing the rent regs  

      1. Assignment, Subletting & Roommates; 2. Demolition; 3. DHCR Powers & Procedures; 4. Eviction of Rent-Regulated Tenants; 5. Fair Market Rent Appeals; 6. Harassment of Tenants; 7. Hardship Rent Increase; 8. High-Rent/High-Income Deregulation; 9. High-Rent Vacancy Deregulation; 10. Horizontal Multiple Dwellings; 11. Individual Apartment Improvements; 12. Leasing Requirements; 13. Major Capital Improvements; 14. Nuisance by Tenants; 15. Owner Occupancy; 16. Permanent Tenants: Hotels, SROs, Rooming Houses; 17. Pets; 18. Preferential Rents; 19. Primary Residence; 20. Rent Control Coverage; 21. Rent Fraud; 22. Rent Overcharge; 23. Rent Registration; 24. Rent Stabilization Coverage; 25. Rent Subsidies: SCRIE & DRIE; 26. Rent Surcharges for Appliances & Utilities; 27. Required Services; 28. Security Deposits; 29. Short-Term Rentals; 30. Substantial Rehabilitation; 31. Succession Rights; 32. Tax Benefit Programs; 33. Temporary Exemption from Rent Stabilization; 34. Tenant Protection Unit; 35. Miscellaneous Requirements

      About the Author: 
      Eileen O’Toole, Esq. is the principal of the Law Office of Eileen O’Toole. Ms. O’Toole’s practice focuses on counseling owners and prospective purchasers of residential properties on rent regulatory issues, as well as appearing in court actions and administrative proceedings to litigate disputes over leasing, rent overcharge, vacancy deregulation, and other housing issues.


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