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2021 NYC Apartment Management Checklist + 2021 NY Rent Regulation Checklist

Purchased separately, these books would cost $450, but when purchased together in this specially priced combo package, you pay only $399!

2021 New York City Apartment Management Checklist
(Includes access to digital downloads of EVERY chapter!)

2021 | 972 pages | Softcover Book + Digital Chapter Access

This is the kind of invaluable reference you will go back to time and time again.  It provides the reliable information you need to stay compliant and avoid costly fines in regard to heat & hot water, trash removal, recyclables, graffiti, elevators, lead hazards, smoke detectors, window guards, and everything in between.   

With over 50 topics covered, this comprehensive, compliance-focused checklist, often referred to as “The Explainer” tells you:

  • What you need to do and why;
  • When you need to do it; and
  • What happens if you don’t.

Throughout the 2021 edition of the NYC Apartment Management Checklist, the text of laws and forms relating to each chapter have been updated to reflect changes made since the last edition. Highlights include:

  • Special rules issued by city agencies during the COVID-19 public health emergency, which are explained throughout the book where applicable.
  • Chapter 10: Cooling Tower Maintenance discusses new regulations requiring an extra deep cleaning of cooling towers during summertime months.
  • Chapter 12: Energy Conservation discusses Local Law 48 of 2020, which amended the NYC energy conservation code to incorporate provisions of the NYStretch Energy Code-2020. Chapter 12 also discusses new requirements for posting Energy Efficiency Letter Grade labels at building entrances.
  • Chapter 14: Façade Inspection discusses amended DOB rules that have tightened examination and reporting requirements for Cycle 9 façade inspections, as well as a new requirement to post a DOB facade conditions certificate in building lobbies.
  • Chapter 19: Heat & Hot Water covers new HPD rules regarding the installation of heat sensors in certain buildings that have had heat violations.
  • Chapter 23: Lead Paint Notice and Inspection Requirements includes Local Law 31 of 2020, setting new rules for testing dwelling units for lead-based paint, and new HPD rules regarding notifying occupants and investigating lead-based paint hazards.
  • Chapter 32: Noise Abatement includes updated forms required for approval from DEP of an Alternative Noise Mitigation Plan (ANMP).

2021 New York Rent Regulation Checklist
(Includes access to digital downloads of EVERY chapter!)

2021 | 958 pages | Softcover Book + Digital Chapter Access

The 2021 New York Rent Regulation Checklist will help you:

  • Protect your legally deregulated apartments from being forced back into regulation
  • Deregulate eligible apartments while reducing the risk of agency action
  • Win disputes arising from tenant overcharge complaints
  • Get maximum allowable rent increases
  • Avoid raising red flags that attract the scrutiny of the TPU, the DHCR, and other agencies enforcing the rent regs  

This UPDATED edition of the Rent Regulation Checklist highlights implementation of, and challenges to, HSTPA following its enactment, and includes discussion of a number of new court and DHCR decisions that have interpreted or modified the 2019 law. This year’s edition also spotlights changes in DHCR policies and procedures added to administer the amended rent control and rent stabilization laws. Topics include:

  • Effect of Explanatory Addenda on Deregulation Orders issued by the DHCR to implement HSTPA’s repeal of high-rent/high-income deregulation, with resulting litigation 
  • Current RGB vacancy and renewal rent increases, along with the DHCR’s new centralized online individual apartment improvement (IAI) reporting system 
  • The new DHCR major capital improvement (MCI) Reasonable Cost Schedule 
  • Discussion of the ruling on rent fraud in the April 2020 decision by New York’s highest court in Regina 
  • Discussion of the ReginaCourt’s repeal of HSTPA’s retroactive provisions on statutes of limitation in rent overcharge cases, along with discussion of the Court’s affirmation of HSTPA’s choice-of-forum provisions for tenants in Collazo 
  • Amendment of the DHCR’s online annual rent registration instructions to reflect different requirements for pre- and post-HSTPA registrations