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2020 New York City Apartment Management Checklist

Jan 2020 | 948 Pages

“I have found The NYC Apartment Management Checklist to be an invaluable tool in my real estate practice since the very first year of its publication.  It is the number one reference book on my shelves.” -Theresa Racht, Esq. PLLC

Everything You Need to Know to Avoid Fines…from Air Conditioning to Window Guards

With over 50 topics covered this comprehensive, compliance-focused checklist, often referred to as “The Explainer” tells you:

  • What you need to do and why;
  • When you need to do it; and
  • What happens if you don’t.

NEW FOR 2020: Buyers will have online access to every chapter as a PDF download.  This means you can easily grab any topic at any time and print it out or email it to a colleague in seconds!

2020 New York City Apartment Management Checklist is the definitive source of information on the myriad of complex laws that govern the management of New York City apartment buildings. In this completely updated edition, readers will find clear and comprehensive explanations of all the pertinent rules, regulations, and requirements that owners and managers need to know to stay compliant…and profitable.

Throughout the 2020 edition of the NYC Apartment Management Checklist, the text of laws and forms relating to each chapter have been updated to reflect changes made since the last edition. Highlights include:

  • The new NYC anti-lead laws
  • The updated DEP Asbestos Control Program Regulations
  • The latest Climate Resiliency Design Guidelines issued by the NYC Office of Recovery and Resiliency
  • The latest amendment of rules relating to CO detectors, as adopted by DOB
  • The most recent HPD-published indoor allergen lease rider
  • Amended Fire Department Rules

1: Air-Conditioning Systems—Federal Law; 2: Air Contamination Disclosure; 3: Asbestos Inspection, Handling & Removal; 4: Backflow Prevention Devices; 5: Boiler/Burner Certification; 6: Boiler Inspections & Access; 7: Building Registration; 8: Building Resiliency Maximization; 9: Carbon Monoxide Detectors; 10: Cooling Tower Maintenance; 11: Energy Conservation; 12: Elevators; 13: Extermination of Insects & Pests; 14: Facade Inspection; 15: Fire & Emergency Safety Plans & Notices; 16: Flameproofing of Materials in Common Areas; 17: Garbage Removal; 18: Graffiti;19: Heat & Hot Water; 20: Keys, Locks & Protective Devices; 21: Lead Paint Disclosure; 22: Lead-Based Paint — Renovation, Repair & Painting; 23: Lead-Based Paint Notice & Inspection Requirements; 24: Lead-Based Paint Hazards — Corrections of; 25: Lead-Based Paint — Work that Will Disturb; 26: Licensed Electricians & Plumbers; 27: Lighting: Exterior & Interior; 28: Managing Agents; 29: Mold; 30: Natural Gas Leak Detection; 31: No Smoking Law; 32: Noise Abatement; 33: Oil Tank Registration, Testing & Spills; 34: Painting: Exterior & Interior; 35: Pets; 36: Recycling; 37: Satellite Dishes & Antennas; 38: Sidewalk Canopies & Sun Control Devices; 39: Sidewalk Repair, Cleaning & Snow Removal; 40: Sidewalk Sheds, Scaffolding & Netting; 41: Sign Posting; 42: Smoke Detectors; 43: Sprinkler System & Standpipe — Installation, Inspection & Painting; 44: Superintendents & Janitorial Services; 45: Tax Assessments; 46: Waste Compactors & Sprinkler Systems; 47: Water & Sewer Bills; 48: Water Conservation; 49: Window Guards; 50: Miscellaneous Duties

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