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Co-op & Condo Case Law Digest

Annual Subscription

The Co-op & Condo Case Law Digest  –  Keeps you up to date and informed about recent court decisions in this unique New York home ownership community. Each month, a leading roster of New York’s co-op and condo attorneys analyze and report on what happened in the courts, providing a digest of each case and important insights to help boards govern wisely and lawyers to represent effectively.

Annual subscription includes:

CLT Digest – Monthly PDF Delivery via email. Each digest issue provides cases organized by category, the summary of each court decision, slip op links to the decision, the outcome of the case, and a takeaway written by our roster of experienced co-op/condo attorneys.

Case Watch– A twice-monthly email taking a close-up look at one case. Each Case Watch includes the backstory of the problem, what the case was about, what the court decided, and a takeaway lesson.

Tracker Advance Sheet– Emailed at the end of each month, the Tracker is an excel sheet listing all the co-op/condo decisions from the month, including brief excerpts from each case, links to the decision and court docket, the jurisdiction and judge, and the decision date.

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