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Service coordinators can be an enormous boon to residents and staff. Here’s how to get with the program.

For federally assisted housing sites, having an on-site service coordinator means vulnerable residents can have easier access to supportive services and other community resources and, ultimately, be able to get help they may need. Service coordinators act as advocates for residents and are members of the management team. And in many cases, services obtained for residents help them stay housed and healthy.

Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a spotlight on the important role service coordinators hold in the support and well-being of older residents at affordable housing sites. During this time, many service coordinators have had to pivot into emergency resource roles. Luckily, service coordination as a profession had prepared for this transition. 

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Service coordinators can be an enormous boon to residents and staff. Order this FREE report to learn how to get with the program.

7 Key Functions of Effective Service Coordination

  1. Proactively engage with residents
  2. Conduct assessments and develop service plans
  3. Develop a property-wide profile
  4. Establish partnerships with community-based service organizations
  5. Make referrals for support services
  6. Educate and advocate for residents
  7. Interface with other property staff