While the city and the state will tell you WHAT you have to do, you can count on the 2024 NYC Apartment Management Checklist to tell you:
  • WHO has to do it
  • WHEN it has to be done
  • HOW it can be done
  • WHAT can happen if it’s not done
The CHECKLIST will help you navigate through the myriad of responsibilities you have as a property manager, owner, landlord, or super--giving you quick-access, easy-to-understand guidance on more than 50 areas, including mold, pests, elevators, scaffolding, and more.

New Benefits of the 2024 Edition:

  • New digital edition lets you access the information you need from anywhere and from any device–providing enhanced convenience.
  • Handy new index speeds you to your issue or topic for quick answers
  • New sections group related content–helping readers navigate through the material more efficiently and allowing quicker topic skimming.
  • New, textbook-like organization facilitates training for new staff.
January 08, 2024 — The Habitat Group