New for 2024, the NYC Apartment Management Checklist is available as a mobile-enabled digital edition that makes it quick and easy to navigate to individual chapters--or simply enter a search term to find the topic throughout the book.

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  • Introduction
  • What’s New for 2024
  • Full-Chapter Access to Cooling Tower Maintenance

With the NEW 2024 NYC Apartment Management Checklist, you'll know EXACTLY what needs to be done to avoid costly fines and unnecessary headaches.

And while the city and the state tell you WHAT has to be done, The Checklist spells out:

  • WHO has to do it
  • WHEN it has to be done
  • HOW it can be done
  • WHAT bad things can happen if it’s not done

Used by thousands of owners, managing agents, superintendents, cooperative and condominium boards, as well as anyone else involved in the day-to-day operation of a multifamily residential building in New York City, this one-stop resource helps you comply with the myriad of confusing laws and regulations affecting your building and tenants. Grab Your Copy Today!

January 25, 2024 — The Habitat Group