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Co-op & Condo Case Law Digest

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Get the exclusive REAL WORLD PRIMER on what can go wrong, often does go wrong and what you should know to avoid making the same mistakes that landed these co-ops and condos in court.

An expert team of lawyers provides easy-to-understand and practical takeaways drawn from each month's co-op & condo court cases - helping you avoid what others didn't. Each court case is summarized and you'll learn who won and why. 

CLT Digest – Monthly PDF Delivery via email. Each digest issue covers the previous months co-op/condo court cases, with case summaries and important takeaways that will help you avoid these common situations in the future. Written by leading co-op and condo attorneys in the New York community.

Case Watch – A twice-monthly email taking a close-up look at one case. Each Case Watch includes the backstory of the problem, what the case was about, what the court decided, and a takeaway lesson.

Tracker Advance Sheet – Emailed at the end of each month, the Tracker is an excel sheet listing all the co-op/condo decisions from the month, including brief excerpts from each case, links to the decision and court docket, the jurisdiction and judge, and the decision date.