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Subscription Term: 1 Year | Includes Monthly PDF Digest containing case summaries of recent co-op and condo court decisions PLUS access to the Tracker's searchable database of over 500 case summaries | Auto Renewed

A distinguished panel of co-op/condo attorneys summarizes recent co-op and condo court decisions so you don't have to spend time wading through large legal databases to keep up to date in this focused area.

Case summaries include:

  • decision outcomes,
  • links to case dockets and slip ops,
  • judges,
  • courts,
  • and more.

A Subscription to Case Law Tracker Includes:

  • A Monthly PDF Case Digest presenting case summaries and takeaways of the most recent co-op/condo court decisions.
  • A Searchable Database with filtering capability that lets you drill down even further by court, judge, category, tag, and date.
  • Case Summaries written by a distinguished panel of co-op/condo attorneys to help you understand what the case is about and quickly determine if it benefits you.
  • Case Views for a fast click to the full details of the case including judges, case history, as well as an active slip op link and links to court documents in the case.
  • Advisory Committee comprised of industry-specific experts who truly understand the matters that matter to you most.
  • Case Notes focusing on providing insight on one relevant case—clearly explaining what happened, why it’s important, and what lessons can be learned within.