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Fair Housing Boot Camp: Basic Training for New Hires (En Español & In English)


Capacitación intensiva sobre vivienda justa: Capacitación básica para los nuevos contratados

2021 | 24 pages | PDF Format | Spanish & English | $34.99

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We recognize that many of your most valuable property management staff may speak Spanish as their primary language, not English. Fair housing training—especially for new hires—is too important to risk getting lost in translation. That’s why we’ve created this special lesson of Fair Housing Coach—in Spanish and English—to help you provide basic fair housing training for bilingual or primarily Spanish-speaking employees newly hired to work at your community.

It’s simple to say that fair housing law bans housing discrimination, but there are pitfalls that sometimes lead even seasoned professionals into fair housing trouble. This lesson reviews the basics so that everyone working at your community—regardless of his or her job or industry experience—understands what’s okay—and not okay—to do or say when interacting with applicants, residents, and guests at your community.

For anyone new to the rental housing industry, fair housing basic training is a must. Fair housing experts warn against allowing new hires to interact with the public until they receive at least some fair housing instruction, including leasing office staff, service techs, maintenance workers, landscapers, and housekeeping staff.

This lesson starts with an overview of fair housing law: what it says and who it covers. Then it offers seven rules so that everyone understands how to recognize—and avoid—the pitfalls that can lead to fair housing trouble. At the end of the lesson, your staff can take the Coach’s Quiz to see how much they’ve learned.